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CREW Network is at the forefront of achieving gender equity and greater diversity in commercial real estate. We will achieve this by advancing women in the industry globally. Our membership offers unparalleled business networking and leadership opportunities both locally in your market and globally across our 11,000+ member base. View our member benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Exclusive access to CREWbiz, an online business networking tool, membership directory and personal marketing profile page. Your profile on CREWbiz can be used to promote your unique skills and expertise to our member base of more than 11,000 professionals.
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities targeted specifically to your needs, through in-person meetings including Leadership Summits and our annual Convention & Marketplace, and more regularly, through webinars and conference calls.
  • Members receive discounted registration to CREW Network events.
  • CREW Network is an excellent resource for identifying employment opportunities. Visit our Career Center to post or browse industry-specific positions, upload your bio/CV and apply for positions.
  • The CREW Network website hosts communication tools for special interest groups that connect you with other like-minded members looking to exchange information.

How do I apply?

  1. Request two letters of reference from clients or colleagues/employers. These references are required to verify how long you’ve been in the industry and in what capacity you are involved in commercial real estate. Reference letter template »
  2. Make sure your bio/CV is up to date or you can provide the link to your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Complete our simple one-page membership application form with your contact information and reasons for interest in CREW UK.
    • You will be required to upload the files mentioned in steps 1 & 2
    • You will be asked to provide credit card information to pay the $25 USD application fee

You will receive a confirmation once the application has been submitted and notified of your membership status within 30 days of application. Once approved, you will be billed for annual membership dues ($210 USD for full year, $120 USD after 1 July).

What’s the difference between CREW Network and CREW UK membership?

CREW UK is an affiliate organisation of CREW Network. Therefore, a member of CREW UK is also a member of CREW Network. This global Network is comprised of 75+ affiliate organisations with a total membership of more than 11,000 commercial real estate professionals. CREW UK uses CREW Network's established qualified fields of commercial real estate (QFCRE) membership criteria and experience prerequisite, and determines its own programmes and member activities.

How can I get more information about upcoming events?

CREW UK maintains a nonmember contact list so we can keep other industry professionals informed of upcoming events, promotions or opportunities.  

We will never send spam or share your details with anyone outside of our organisation. If you'd like to know how we plan to use and protect your data, please review our privacy policy.

If you would like to be added to our contact list, please click the below link and complete the form to grant us permission to use your data for this purpose.

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There are many CRE organisations, why CREW?

CREW is the only organisation that encompasses the full scope of commercial real estate disciplines, where you could see a project through from the beginning to the closing, all with fellow members. CREW UK members are brokers, lenders, title/escrow, appraisers, attorneys, architects, and everything in-between. CREW is also the only association focused on influencing the CRE industry by advancing the achievements of women.

Our membership dues are comparatively lower than similar professional organisations. Involvement in an organisation of members who are dedicated to the profession and to helping each other succeed.

How/when do I pay my dues? What happens if my membership lapses?

Upon approval of the application, CREW Network will email an invoice for annual dues, which can be paid online with a credit card or mailed with a check. Once dues are received, your membership is activated. Membership terms are on a calendar-year basis, so dues are invoiced each fall for the coming term.

If your membership lapses, you can submit another application or contact CREW Network to see if it’s possible to simply issue you a renewal invoice.